It all started on a mountain in Peru with a cool looking rock.


It’s a mix of 3 items that makes Soulgani different. First our attention to quality in the fabrics we select and how everything is sewn here in the USA. Second is where we pull inspiration for our designs. We believe God has created an amazing canvas for us, and all of our designs are inspired by nature and our surroundings. The last piece that makes us different is our giving back aspect, it’s not an afterthought, it’s at the forefront of what we do and a portion of every sale gives back to the town or city that inspired our design.


It all began on a mountain in Peru (like most companies, right?)

While visiting the Lares Trail, we hiked through some of the most spectacular landscapes Peru has to offer. And during a climb, our founder, Christina, turned to her best friend and said, “That cool rock I just took a picture of? It needs to go on the side of a pair of leggings!” That picture of a dope rock has evolved and grown into what is now Soulgani.


Soulgani means abundance of soul.

Soulgani means abundance of soul. We approach every aspect of our business with soul, passion, depth, commitment, and love—from our designs and craftsmanship, to the source of our inspiration, to our sweatiest sessions at the gym and on the yoga mat, to our travels, and most importantly, to how we treat and give back to others.


Do Good. Be Good.

Because our designs are inspired by the beauty and strength of nature and travel, they bring an essence of connectedness to every workout. And if that wasn’t cool enough, a portion of each sale gives back to the town, village, or city that inspired us. The words "do good. be good." guide how we design, create, market, and sell our products, and most importantly how we always strive to help others.

Current Charities & Towns We Give Thanks To: