5 Gift Ideas For your Gym Obsessed Friend

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Every friend group has that one friend that everyday is gym day. They will never skip the gym even if they are sick and will always motivate others to come with her. Giving your gym obsessed friend a gift might sound easy but when you really think about it your gym probably has every workout clothing brand and has every color. She also might have at least one or two gym bags, her favorite protein powders, and a collection of water bottles. So what do you give her? Not to worry, below I have made a list of a few things you can give your gym obsessed friend for christmas.

Gym Outfit

One thing Gym addicts love most is wearing cute activewear and more specifically trying new brands. Gym outfits are the best and they are even better when they come in sets. Soulgani carries a lot of beautiful prints as well as solid colors. Our leggings and sport bra are made here in the US and are great for running errands or working out. We also just released two new styles called Leopard Print  and the Eco Soft Recycled. The Eco Soft Recycled is made out of the perfect material to keep you warm for the winter.

Water bottle

I don’t believe you can ever have too many water bottles. There are a lot of really cool water bottles out there. Some of them keep your drink cold for hours and others help with mixing protein powders l. If you feel as though the water bottle is too plain feel free to buy them their favorite protein powder to give together. One of our favorite water bottles is from the brand bkr. Their reusable glass water bottles come in various sizes and colors. The other thing that makes them different is it's the first lip balm water bottle. How? The cap of the bottle is engineered to hold one of their vegan lip balms.

A gift card from their favorite Activewear brand

If your gym obsessed friend has a specific brand she wears and swears by a gift is always a great idea. It takes off the stress of grabbing the wrong size or a print/color she might not like. It also helps you avoid getting her leggings or sports bras that she already has. Here at Soulgani we offers 50$ gift card

Gym Emergency Kit


We have all forgotten something at one point or another. A gym emergency kit contains all the things that you might forget to grab sometimes. Here is a list of a few things u can put in their kit.


-femine products


-hair ties

-head bands


Gym Accessories

Nothing can go wrong with giving gym accessories. You cannot have too many headbands or cute scrunchies to wear at the gym. Another great accessory is a gym bag. Our favorite brand for a Gym Bag is ANDY. The ANDY Bag is for all those busy womens out there. Its form and function are built to last, and should replace at least three other bags in your closet. Their pieces are elevated, sustainably-minded, and practical so that you can take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. 


 The Soul Team

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