Benefits of a positive mindset during COVID-19

During this time, it is imperative that we as a community practice positivity and learn to maintain a positive mindset amidst the challenges we face, from being home all day.

We at Soulgani, love and care about each and every one of you and that is why we decided to create our 10 days of positivity challenge, over on our Instagram.

Aside’s from that, there are so many ways to view this period of isolation positively, whether you are in your household alone, with a pet, or with your family or roommates. Positivity is not just a feel-good quote or a comedic film, it must be a mindset and a way of life. Different ways to maintain happiness mentally, and physically could be working out. It has been proven that when you work out, you stimulate the release of endorphins, which trigger positive feelings in our body. Another thing you could do is practice an instrument or a new language.

While both of these options sound complex and tricky, they aren’t impossible! With the help of YouTube, these could be refreshing. Also, remember, you can open windows, hang out on your balcony and take walks, so long as you are at a healthy social distance, if there are others around you. You could also redecorate your space or clear clutter to refresh your space and mind.

Overall, maintaining a positive mindset during this time, can not only help you but it can help others. Be it you coworkers, your family members, your partner or even your pet, a happy mindset, is refreshing for everyone, including yourself! 

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