Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is around the corner and while things may be slightly different this year, there’s one thing that won’t change; giving presents to your loved ones! Socially distanced or virtual, it's always important to uphold Christmas traditions, spend time with your family in whatever way possible, and give them a token of appreciation during the holiday season. Christmas is different everywhere this year, undoubtedly, but whether you're under the palms like us in florida, or whether you're in the snow somewhere else, we have the best gifts for your loved ones, or even yourself.

Here is our 2020 Soulgani Christmas Gift Guide:

Soulgani Second Soul Legging



This is a timeless classic, which wears like second skin and is bound to keep you or gift receivers comfortable during the holidays, and beyond! They pair great with everything and are buttery soft! They can be paired great with our Soft Compression Black Bra, for a chic all black outfit base to go under all the cute christmas sweaters! 

If you’re feeling Christmas cheer, and want to gift an outfit to match, our Red Hot Recycled Set, in collaboration with Kelly Bensimon is perfect! The red fabrics are so bright and merry, and the set is perfect for all scenes whether it's lounging or gymming.

Sexy Soul Legging


This is the perfect legging for the active mother, daughter, aunt, or grandmother! They have beautiful mesh detailing on the side, to keep you cool during workouts and they look great on everyone. 

For the gym lovers, check out our Graffiti print with Stripe. These leggings are super flattering and the print is so bold and empowering. The black line down the side attenuates the body and gives an overall beautiful silhouette. They pair with our Graffiti Bra Crop, and if the full print is too much, check out our twin and strong styles. Additionally, the colors are perfect for the Christmas season and are bound to bring Christmas cheer! 

Finally, who doesn't love tops? Especially eco-friendly, bamboo tops

 They are incredibly soft, great for layering in the winter, and during warmer seasons, they'll keep you cool as a cucumber! Our tops come in 3 styles to suit every preference; the Racerback, Hourglass and Dream Crop Top. Each top is flattering in its own way, and they can be worn daily, or in the gym! They come in 7 different colors and the Wine color in each style is so fitting for the holidays.  

These would be our top recommendations for Christmas gifts, and the best part is not only would you be gifting something so special to your friends or family, you will also be helping people in need with every purchase. And after all, that's what the holidays are all about. Do Good. Be Good. 

We hope you enjoy our christmas gift guide and your loved ones do too! Be sure to have an amazing holiday season, with the ones you love despite the circumstances. Holidays are all about quality time, and however we get that with our loved ones, it’ll always be special.   

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