Didn’t get what you wanted for Valentine's Day?

Hey there SoulTribe!

We have all been there at least once. We either didn't get what we wanted for Valentine's Day or have been so busy that we forgot to buy during those Valentine’s Day Sales. We know the feeling wishing we could go back to buy ourselves that 5th pair of black legging we've been dying to get. Well, wish granted…sort of. Soulgani is offering a 15% discount on all of our new products like the Foil me not Sweatshirt, Leopard print leggings and our EcoSoft Recycled leggings with code: LOVE15

Our Foil Me Not Sweatshirt comes in three different colors: rose gold, silver and black. This is the perfect sweatshirt to lounge around the house or warm up during those colder days. The Foil Me Not sweatshirt also has metallic detailing that makes it perfect for going out and pairs great with jeans. Who said sweatshirts are just for lounging around?

We started off the new year with the release of two different leggings: our EcoSoft Recycled Leggings and our Leopard Print Leggings. They are created out of two different materials. Our EcoSoft has to be my new favorite legging. They come in three different colors, black, gray and navy blue. The material hugs your body and is perfect for the winter to keep you warm. 

Our Leopard Print Leggings are perfect for those who love that second skin feel legging. They are the perfect all black legging for those who just want a little bit of pop and not a fan of color.


- The Soul Team

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