DIY The Most Comfortable Halloween Costumes

It’s October and while it may not be a regular spooky season with everything going on, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with DIY costumes at home, and we have everything you need for the perfect halloween costumes, whether you’re at home, or out and about!

The best part about our costumes is that once halloween is over, you still have comfy activewear to use! 

We did the work for you and put together the perfect costumes just for you, our first one is 

The classic Army Brat

and here’s what you’ll need: Soulgani Full Green Camo Leggings and Green Camo Bra with just, a black bomber jacket, combat boots and a stylish pair of black sunglasses! Throw everything together and you have the perfect army brat halloween look!


If you are somewhere warmer, like us here in Florida, feel free to ditch the leggings and use a pair of black shorts, paired with our Soulgani Camo Bra and the same bomber, boots and sunglasses and you’re all set! 

The next look we have for you is a sugar skull inspired by

Dia De Los Muertos!


For this look, you’ll need our Second Soul Leggings, and any of our colored tops, but we prefer the Hourglass Tank. The color won’t matter because you can switch out the flower crown and tutu to match any of our tops, but that's up to you! To complete the look, if you have the artistic ability, grab some halloween makeup and paint on the sugar skull, but if you don’t, we found these great Sugar Skull Face Stickers for you, from amazon. 


Then we have the classic,

Cat Woman

For this once again, you’ll need our Second or Sexy Soul leggings and the Soft Compression Black bra. To top of it off, this cute cat woman set from Amazon is great! If you want to add some more to the look, you can throw on our Black Chic Sweatshirt

This next look is a Soulgani favorite *drumroll*

Carole Baskin

for our Tampa locals! For this look you’ll need our Second Soul Legging, one of our Pink or Wine tops, of any style, a leopard print shawl and a cute flower crown, and voila, Carole Baskin! If you really want to top it off, grab a cute stuffed animal from the cat family, and add that to your look! 



The Joker

This next look is quite popular and we have now made it even easier for you to achieve this! Grab our Light Blue Dream Crop, Second Soul leggings, some green hair spray, a purple blazer and some facepaint, and convert yourself into the Joker.

The cute cat

Everyone loves cats, especially cute ones! The cute cat costume is a fan favorite and we just made it more comfortable for you! For this look, you’ll need our Second Soul Leggings, Black Bra Crop, everyday, regular makeup and this cute cat ear set from Amazon. If you want, feel free to add our Black Chic Sweatshirt or Black Dream Crop for added comfort or to cover up a little! 



If you’re feeling feisty, this costume is going to be right up your alley. Grab our Recycled Red Leggings and Bra Set, Some high heeled boots, and this cute devil set from Amazon, and you’ll be the world's comfiest devil. 


Minnie Mouse

Finally, the costume from all of our childhoods… Minnie Mouse! You can’t go wrong with this costume. Grab our Black Chic Sweatshirt and Second Soul Leggings and pair them with this cute tutu from Party City, and these Minnie Mouse Ears


We hope you enjoy these costumes and if you share a photo in them, be sure to tag us @soulgani.activewear so we can see your awesome costumes, and also feature you in our community spotlight! 

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