Five useful tips to stay on track with your fitness goals during the Holidays

We work out all year long, do meal prep, eat healthy, do yoga.  We do all the things that we promise ourselves on New Year's Eve, but then the Holidays come along  once again and we seem to go back to where we were a year ago, eating every little hor d'oeuvre that crosses our path, and drinking every drink because we feel festive, on top of that between family reunions, Christmas shopping, work holiday parties, friends holiday parties, and many more events, we end up with less time to workout.

At Soulgani we are big believers in balance, for us, the answer wouldn’t be to deprive ourselves of enjoying and having a good time with our friends and family, but to find ways to stay healthy while we enjoy this jolly time, so here  are some simple tips that can help you to stay on track during the holidays.


  •    1. Keep a snack at hand

  • Keep a healthy snack handy, some good options are a protein bar, some fruit, and nuts,  nut butter, or yogurt. Most people in December are busy, running from one place to another between holiday festivities and Christmas shopping, having a healthy snack with you will allow you to stick with healthier food options when you get hungry.

    1.  Practice the 80/20 rule

    80% of your food choices should be healthy and 20% indulging. Life is about balance and joy, avoiding the foods you like is not the answer, it is all about choosing the majority of your meals consciously and enjoying the foods you like without overeating.

    1. Don’t skip meals

    Skipping meals because you are “saving your calories for later” leads to overeating, instead, try to eat smaller portions throughout the day to keep your hunger levels balanced.

    1. Avoid drinking your calories

    Many of us think that because it is a drink it is not as bad as a meal, in some cases, it can be even worse, some coffee and alcoholic drinks are filled with sugar and fat. Shockingly some drinks can have over 1000 calories and minimum nutritional value

    1. Relax

    Overthinking leads to stress, and stress to overeating. Practice meditation for five minutes in the morning or at night, find a comfortable place and practice by focusing on your breathing for five minutes.

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