How COVID-19 Helped Us Prioritize What’s Most Important

This time we have been given to be in the comfort of our homes has created a multitude of positivity and a clear sense of priority.  Here at Soulgani, we have shifted our focus into converting our factory, from making activewear, to temporarily making medical-grade masks. Additionally, we are also donating a percentage of our proceeds to Feeding America’s COVID-19 relief fund. During this time period, we also created our 10 Day Positivity Challenge, which gave us, and our followers a chance to express gratitude for the simple things, like our family and health, among other things. Having this time to take a step back, we have also seen the good in others, we have become a global community that looks out for one another. We are growing into a compassionate community, that may be isolated but never alone. There are little things we can do to help, like these kids, who put on a porch concert, for their elderly neighbor, during the quarantine. There are little things like this that we can do to help, such as asking those who are more vulnerable than us, if they need anything if we go grocery shopping that makes a big difference. Do Good. Be Good. 

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