New Plus Size Leggings with Pockets!

Hey there Soultribe!

We all know the stress of finding the perfect legging that fits just right and makes us feel confident. We have all gone through the stress of buying leggings that pinch in the wrong places, suffocate your waist, or offer no support. So we decided to create the best legging by keeping three things in mind: soft and luxurious material, enough flexibility and stretch, and wearability. We also decided to add an extra feature that we’ve heard you’ve been wanting, pockets. 

Leggings with pockets have to be the best invention ever, aside from medicine, cars, the light bulb, sliced bread, etc. I mean when you are a busy mom or busy in general, sometimes a quick errand right across the street does not require our tote with our big wallet.  All we really need are our keys, cellphone and wallet. Leggings with pockets provide enough room and stretch for all the essentials unlike the pockets in our jeans.   

All of our Soulgani leggings come in plus size and go up to 5X. Our new Leopard Leggings and EcoSoft leggings are high waisted, made of super luxe and soft fabric, have soft compression for that tucked in feel, and come in plus size with an outer hip pocket!  The pocket is so clutch, you can store your iphone, lip gloss, credit card and off you go, in comfort!


Not only do we have a variety of designs but our fabric is super soft, moisture wicking and moves with your body no matter what you are doing.  You have to try them on, you won’t want to take them off.

                                                                                                       -The Soul Team

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