New Year New Home Workouts

Don’t let that New Year's Resolution die! With the new year quickly settling in now we all have things distracting from our fitness resolutions, but we’re here to help you reel them back in and meet your goals! Whether you have been busy with work or simply can’t find the motivation to do your workouts, we’re here to help you get those resolutions you set for yourself strong, in the comfort of your own home. We have the best activewear, and a good workout plan below to help you achieve your goals and stay motivated. 

The reason the right activewear is so important, according to the type of workout you are doing is because the compression levels of your activewear play a huge role in your recovery and muscle repair. Higher compression leggings tend to support and stabilize your muscles while you exercise as they help absorb some of the strain as you work your muscles. They also increase your blood flow and muscle oxygenation, which speeds up the muscle repair process and reduces muscle fatigue after workouts.

With that, whether you’re trying to do more HIIT workouts, try to increase your flexibility and mobility with yoga, get stronger or workout from home, we have the right activewear sets and workouts for you, to align with this new home workout. 

Here is a full body workout circuit you can try at home:

10 minute jog

1 minute Plank Dips 

15 Reverse Lunges, each side

1 minute Side Plank, each side

20 Squats

50 Crunches

10 Side Plank Dips

20 Step Ups

1 minute plank

50 Bridges

Let’s start with the perfect yoga outfit! With yoga, it’s important to allow your body to move and wear activewear which moves with your body. Low compression activewear, which holds up is best for this and we have the perfect set for you. Check out our Second Soul Leggings, and Soft Compression Black Bra Crop. The all black legging and bra set is made of the softest, moisture wicking fabrics and each piece wears like a second skin, perfect for yoga.

Next, for high intensity gym workouts or HIIT workouts, recovery and muscle repair during and after workouts is extremely important. Our Recycled Collection features a line of high compression Bra Crops and Leggings built for high performance and stability. Each set comes in Red, Royal Blue and Midnight Black, as well as a range of sizes. 

Finally, for home workouts, it’s still important to have the perfect activewear to help keep you motivated and on track! Check out our different collections, which cater to every workout and every mood you wake up in! We have our Universe Collection for the mornings filled with soul and appreciation, the Urban Warrior Collection for the days you wake up feeling completely badass and ready to take on any workout challenge and finally, we have the Strength Collection for workout sessions where you feel extra strong and ready to take on that higher weight in your home gym! 

Each day, we hope to stand by you, through our activewear and help you achieve those new year's resolutions because it’s never too late to start or stick to them! It is so important to listen to your mind and body and serve it as it needs, be it physically or mentally. Additionally, mental health and physical health go hand in hand and we want to help you thrive in every way we can! Shop Soulgani and get those fitness goals going! 

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