Our Biggest Anniversary Sale

It’s an exciting time of the year this time around for everyone involved with Soulgani Activewear, from our staff, to our customers, to our day one supporters because Soulgani Activewear is 3 years old in March! To show you all a little appreciation we are having a store wide Anniversary Sale, where everything, yes everything, will be 40% off, for one last time!  

Our Universe Collection, Strength Collection, Recycled Collection and Urban Warrior Collection are up for grabs with an exclusive 40% off +  free shipping on every purchase, one last time. Our collections are all limited edition and once they are sold out, they are sold out, until one day we may decide to bring them back for a limited time only! :)   We want to thank you for your endless support, so we will have a 40% sale, from March 1st to March 16th (our founder’s birthday and when we launched the brand). Set your alarms, turn on post notifications and be sure to get what you want or have been wanting before it’s gone!

We have come such a long way from the beginning of our journey, and we would not be where we are today with you. We were founded in 2017, and launched in March of 2018 and the journey was nothing short of amazing. From hiking in Peru and drawing inspiration for one of our first leggings, to now having multiple collections, selling on Kohls and QVC, launching exclusive capsules with empowered women such and Nicole Stott and Kelly Bensimon, to launching an exclusive collection and hopefully more withThe Bar Method, we are so grateful for everything that these last three years have brought us. 

More importantly, our biggest wins were YOU. Without you, we wouldn't have a loyal customer base filled with amazing people who share our philanthropy and most importantly, people who believe in our, “Do Good. Be Good” mission and help us give back to amazing communities who inspired our designs.

Soulgani is so much more than just a pair of leggings, a sports bra or a top. We are a community of like minded, strong, motivated people who strive to do better and be better while empowering one another. We each have something special about ourselves and we love every single one of you so much and want you to know you made an impact in our ever-growing community. Shop the sale before it’s gone!

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