Our Favorite Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, a time of giving and we wanted to share our favorite items to help you choose the gifts this year, to make it easier for you!

1. Chic sweatshirt

Where style meets comfort is where you will find the Soulgani Chic Sweatshirt.  The lines, the stitching, and the super soft and cozy organic cotton bamboo blend glides along the skin.  The Chic Sweatshirt was inspired by the effortlessly chic vibe of Tampa Bay Florida.


2. Dalmatian Jasper Necklace with Rhinestone Hamsa & Angel Wing

We love Mannaz design jewelry, they have very unique handmade pieces. Our favorite for this season is the dalmatian jasper necklace.

3. Strong Azul wave yoga pants

We like these because it doesn’t matter if you give this to the gym junkie or tv binger in your house, she will love this pair of yoga pants! They are non-see through so that she can feel comfortable squatting or getting her downward dog on during yoga.   Also, they are so comfortable, these leggings are perfect to just be at home and watch T.V.

4.  We couldn’t skip the guys in our family, our favorite shorts for any type of workout are from Gray Space, the guru shorts.


5. Sexy soul black diamond mesh leggins

Do we need to say more? These seamlessly switch between sporty and sexy with the sleek diamond mesh, designed to highlight curves, while giving you all the support and flexibility you need for a great workout.

6.  Membership at Yoga Studios like Kodawari Yoga, Club Pilates

There is something that most of us have in common during the holidays, and that it’s that we plan to be more active the following year, what can be better than to give that special one the extra push with one month membership to your favorite yoga or pilates studio, they will feel even more motivated!

If you are local we have some suggestions that we know you’ll love

@kodawori - Yoga studio

@club pilates - Pilates

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