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Looking for some new activewear styling inspo? Well, you’re in the right place! Whether you're going to the gym, running some errands or having a cozy brunch at home with your social bubble, we got you covered. Every outfit idea in this style guide is versatile and pieces can be swapped around with one another as you please, which is the best part. Additionally, each of these are our highest selling items and fan faves, so grab them before they’re gone! 

Outfit Idea 1, the basics. 

These are our classic and simple outfit options.

Each of our tanks pair perfectly with our bestseller, Sexy Soul Leggings! With this look, our focus is a more versatile day to day look, with guaranteed comfort. Our hourglass tanks are the perfect length in the back, and crop slightly shorter in the front, for a fun, but put together look.

The tanks come in 7 colors, but our personal favorites are the light blue, pink, natural and gray! Additionally, if the mesh in our sexy souls are too much for you, or if you prefer a basic all black legging, we have that too, with our Second Soul leggings, which wear like second skin. Finally and most importantly, don’t forget your mask! We have masks with optimum breathability, maximum support so they stay in place and of course, comfort. 

Outfit Idea 2, adding splash of color

Colors are fun and refreshing and our Strong Soul Sunrise has both. With beautiful views of the sunrise from outer space, these leggings are bound to refresh your mind and your wardrobe! Pair them, with our natural or light blue hourglass tanks, for a beautiful look, that flows with your body, throughout the day.

Outfit Idea 3, earthy tones

Planning on just chilling out and taking care of yourself? We have the perfect warm tone, neutral outfits to fit your relaxing, self-care vibe! Check out our Strong Soul Rock Leggings, which were inspired by a hike in Peru. These leggings have the perfect fit and feel and are bound to make you feel like you're on the vacation we all need right now. They pair great with basically all of our tanks, but especially the grey, light blue and natural tanks.



We hope you love these outfit inspo ideas and should you try them be sure to tag us @soulgani.activewear on Instagram and use the #soultribe so we can share your pictures! 


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