What inspires you?

Here at Soulgani, we are inspired by our Earth and its wonders. Drawing from this inspiration our founder, Christina Majeed has created the perfect athletic wear brand, for every single body type.

We want to help our customers embrace their minds, bodies, and souls, by being in touch with the world we live in. To do so, we have unique prints on our clothing and each print is an image which was captured from different parts of the world.

These are then hand-crafted onto our clothing as we strive to bring the world to our customers. Simultaneously, we also strive to create a positive impact and give back to each of the countries we draw inspiration from. With the profits from our sales so far, we have been able to donate over 6000 meals, 750 bricks to help build a home in Peru, as well as 100 art supplies, for children in 4 hospitals to aid with art therapy, in the USA.

The rock print captured in Peru helped jumpstart our brand and is therefore held very near and dear to us, as are the other countries and cities which have inspired our designs. These include Venezuela, Australia, New York City and Tampa.

We want to provide our customers with the opportunity to help give back all around the world and simultaneously look and feel beautiful in our activewear, which can also stand as a symbol of their contribution, back to different parts of the world! 

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