What is your personality type based off of your activewear?

If you’re a fan of the:

-Strength Collection: Your style may be simple, but you are not. You find happiness in little things, and enjoy an organized lifestyle, with a good routine. You have a lot going on, and have a busy life, so while comfort is your go to style choice, you care to be fashionable too. You are also compassionate and kind and enjoy the little and simplest pleasures of life. 

-Universe Collection: You are connected to nature, and enjoy travelling. You usually feel happy, have a bright aura and are very connected to your surroundings, and yourself as well as others. You have a sense of travel and enjoy experiencing new cultures and people from around the world. You are bold and bright, and have a clear love for the world. 

-Urban Warrior Collection: You are the epitome of a fierce and strong woman. You have drive, passion and aren't afraid of anything! You chase what you love, follow through with your goals and have a bold personality. Your strength shines through your personality and you love a challenge. 

-Recycled Plastic Bottle Collection: You care deeply for the environment, and want to make a positive impact and protect our planet. Your outfit choices are sustainable and you try to make a difference through your fashion statements. Additionally, you are bold and are not afraid of bright colors and being expressive! You can be quiet and loud, all in one but it all depends on your mood. 

Let us know what your ‘Soulgani Personality’ is, and feel free to share it with us on Instagram using #Soultribe @soulgani.activewear

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