Why the Fashion Industry Needs to Be More Eco-Concious

The fashion industry has been under heat, for some time now, for being one of the largest polluters in the world, as it accounts for 2% of the world's GDP. With that, since it is such a dominant industry, there needs to be an immediate change, for a slow but long term improvement in our environment. 

Fast fashion may be cheaper, however this is one of the main causes for clothing reaching landfills, rather than being recycled. With fast fashion, it may be cheap but it does come at a price for the environment, as most garments will eventually be thrown away for a lack of quality. When they are thrown out, and dumped in badly sealed landfills, the dyes from the fabrics flow into groundwater and cause extreme damage.

Additionally, a lot of clothing from the USA gets shipped abroad, and when they do, one hanger goes with each piece of clothing. Around 700,000 tons of clothing on average are shipped abroad each year, and oftentimes, most hangers are not reused or recycled. 

With that being said, we now need to begin changing our consumer habits and try to shop and support more eco-friendly and sustainable brands. The way we shop and discard clothing even, must become a habit to inhibit real change in the fashion industry. 

Here at Soulgani, we pride ourselves in being a sustainable, woman owned and run brand, with a focus on giving back and having a minimal carbon footprint. We focus on creating high quality garments which will last you a lifetime due to quality. Additionally, we have many eco-friendly products, some even made from recycled plastic bottles.


 Our Recycled Plastic Bottle Collection  is our most sustainable collection yet. Each bra crop is made of 10 recycled water bottles, and each legging is made of 28 recycled water bottles. 

We encourage you to shop more sustainably and should you get rid of clothing, please do it sustainably so we can better our environment together. Some tips that could help are only doing full wash loads of laundry, and mostly washing on cold, shopping from sustainable brands, go thrifting because they have second hand clothing and some really good buys, donate clothes to charity rather than fully discarding them in the trash and invest in fewer, higher quality clothing items. 

Let us know if you have any tips as well, because we are always happy to add to the list! We have one planet, and it is on us to take care of it, more and more each day.

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