Work from Home: Staying Comfy and Being Productive

Procrastination and working from home definitely go hand in hand, whether you have been doing this for years on end, or if this change is new to you, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it’s so important to have discipline with work, and learning to have a good work to home life balance when they are meshed into one place. While it's easy to get distracted and be lured into laying on the couch, or getting that thing done in your home which you never had time for before, staying productive and doing your job as you would normally is so important. 

We understand that these changes have been difficult for the majority of people, and with that we decided to share a few tips on how to stay comfy and be productive, while you work from home. First things first, cue the leggings! We have the perfect leggings for you, in a range of colors and styles to keep you comfy and motivated. Your outfit should be the last thing that holds you back, so we got you covered. Next, grab a comfy top that could be paired with a blazer for ZOOM meetings, and guess what? We got you covered one more time! Our tops are super soft and made from eco-friendly bamboo and are bound to keep you comfy through tedious meetings and just work days in general. They’re also super stylish so if you wanna run some errands after, you’ll be ready to go! 

Now that we’ve got your outfit covered, here are some tips for staying productive and sane throughout the day. With these tips, remember a good work-personal life balance is being kept in mind:

  1. Take Breaks. This is probably the most important one, especially if you’re looking at a screen all day. Take 5 minutes in between tasks to rest your eyes, grab some water or coffee and refresh your mind.  A fresh mind always produces the best results. 
  2. Create a work space, separate from your home space. Create a space in your home, no matter how small, where you can have all your work materials situated and organized. This is key to make sure you can stay on track with tasks and it helps create a sense of discipline.
  3. Set your hours and stick with the schedule you have planned for the week, or day. 
  4. Ditch the PJ’s. Get up, take a shower, put on something other than pj’s and get your day going. This mentally motivates you to do more, rather than being in PJ’s all day. 
  5. Put your phone and the TV aside when you’re working and try to stay focused. Instead try happy music to help keep you focused. 
  6. Have lunch. This may seem like a silly thing to add on this list, but you need to nourish to flourish and take time to make sure you get a good meal in midday. This is also a really good way to take a break too. 
  7. Keep Lists. These are a great way to stay organized. I like to keep 2 lists, one which has my top 3 work priorities and another which has my top 3 home priorities. 
  8. Have good seating. Make sure your back isn't being compromised while working from home, get a good chair and make sure you aren’t uncomfortable in it all day. 
  9. Get up and stretch. Take 5 minutes to do some stretches, go outside or just not be face to screen.
  10. Don’t work past 8 hours. Stop when you're done. Remember, you still have a life and while your two worlds may be combined as of now, make sure you separate them. It is known that after 5 hours, minds may wander, and while normal working days are 8 hours, you need to stop after that. Post work, just relax, go outside, take a bubble bath or just do what you want, and take time for life and yourself. 

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